3 Reasons the Ice from Your Dispenser Tastes Bad

When it comes to keeping cool in the Australian heat, a refrigerator with an ice dispenser can be a lifesaver. Of course, the ice is only useful when it tastes good. Have you noticed an unpleasant taste to your ice recently? There are a number of reasons why refrigerator ice can taste bad; here are 3 possible causes and their solutions.

Dirty Filter

Ice dispensers have filters to remove bacteria from your water before it's frozen. If your filter is clogged and dirty, bacteria will begin to make its way into your ice and cause an unpleasant taste.

How often you need to replace your filter will depend on how often you make ice. If you're unsure of how often to change it, ask a refrigeration servicing professional. They'll also be able to change the filter for you if you don't feel confident doing it yourself.

Contaminated Water Supply

You can't make great-tasting ice without clean, impurity-free water. Before blaming your ice dispenser for the bad taste, take a sip of your tap water. If you notice the same unpleasant taste or odour you found in your ice, you know the problem is coming from the source. From mold to chemicals, your water supply could be filled with any number of different contaminants that are polluting your ice.

If you suspect that your water supply is the issue, have the water tested so you can see how to fix the root problem.

Unsealed and Expired Food

Freezers are able to preserve food for long periods of time because their low temperature slows down bacterial growth. However, even in a freezer, foods will eventually start to decompose and let off gases. Even if the smell isn't strong enough for you to detect, these gaseous odours could still be seeping into your ice.

Make a habit of cleaning out your freezer regularly. Foods that are still good to eat should always be wrapped well to keep their scent away from your ice. Any opened product with packaging that can't be resealed should be double-bagged in a freezer bag.

If you find that food odours are still being absorbed by your ice after cleaning, you can buy a purpose-made freezer deodoriser to absorb the smells before they hit your ice dispenser.

You should also remember that the longer your ice sits in the dispenser, the more time it has to absorb food gases. If you've not used your ice maker for a while, dispose of the stale batch before using it again.

If you're still having trouble with your refrigerator's ice dispenser, call a refrigeration servicing contractor to diagnose and fix your problem.

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