4 Helpful Considerations When Installing a Residential Solar Heating System

With electricity, oil, and gas being subjected to global price fluctuations, it is prudent that you generate your own energy to meet your domestic heating needs. Solar power is a renewable energy that has minimal negative impacts on the environment. Many jurisdictions also offer incentives and credits for those using renewable energy in their homes. Using solar technologies also reduces your reliance on nonrenewable energy sources. Here are a few things you should consider when installing solar heating systems in your homes.

Long-Term Costs -- The cost of installing solar technology can be prohibitive in the short-term as you will have to invest in solar photovoltaics (PVs) and water heating. For savvy individuals looking at the long-term benefits, solar heating can be a worthwhile investment. The cumulative savings will offset the initial investment in the system. In addition, governments are making solar energy systems more cost-effective by providing incentives to suppliers and buyers to generate eco-friendly heat.

Weather Conditions and Suitability of Your Home --You should know the daily weather patterns, especially the sun movement, if you want to optimize your solar heating system. For maximum efficiency, ensure that your home receives at least six hours of uninterrupted sunlight every day. Similarly, your property should be suitable for installing the solar technology. The solar roof should be oriented towards the south for the system to yield high energy levels needed for heating. For towns and cities that do not receive abundant sunshine, you can tilt the solar panels at an angle to optimize energy production. You can also invest in a tracker that can orient the solar panel depending on the direction of the sun, but that would increase your initial investment.

Research and Installation -- A professional can install your heating system effectively, giving you value for money as soon as possible. Check out websites and local newspapers advertisements sections for available HVAC professionals. You should do your research and receive several quotes before deciding on your favorite expert. Moreover, it is advisable to use a contractor who has certification such as Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). Doing your research ensures that you do not buy a very expensive solar heating system hoping that it will get rid of all your heating costs as some salesmen may exaggerate the financial benefit of this technology.

Install Low-Energy Consuming Appliances -- Since the solar heating system will only work when the sun rays hit the PV panels, you will need to conserve the energy by installing appliances that use less energy. You can also insulate pipes and the hot water tank to minimize cooling after the sun goes down. When you receive less sunshine, reduce the use of energy-guzzling appliances like dishwashers.    


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