Effective Ways to Beat the Dust Inside Your Home

Air conditioners are efficient systems for cooling down temperatures inside your home when the weather is uncomfortably hot. While these cooling systems come with standard air filters and can be further equipped with air cleaners and air purifiers to ensure better indoor air quality, it is up to you as a building owner or occupier to avoid creating an environment where pollutants can thrive and cause health issues. Here are a couple of things you should do to minimise the presence of harmful airborne particulates in your home so that the air circulated by your air conditioning system is of good quality.

Invest in door mats and rugs

A large amount of the dirt found in your home is actually carried underfoot from outside. This may happen when you simply step out into the yard bare foot and make your way back inside without cleaning your feet first, for example. An effective way to trap the dirt would be to place mats at your exterior doors so that anyone entering your home can rub their muddy feet or shoes against the mats. Also, you can place rugs along high-traffic sections of your house, like busy corridors, but make sure to regularly dust up the rugs outside together with your door mats to reduce the amount of airborne particulates that may pollute your indoor space.  

Dust up properly

The primary intent when you are dusting up your house is to reduce dust levels and not spread the dust to other parts of the house, like on your cushions, for example. Most of the time, this may happen because you are using the wrong tools for the job. A bad practice among many homeowners is dusting off their furniture, curtains, drapes, electronics, and other household belongings with dry rags and feather dusters to rid of dust. This cleaning practice is usually ineffective because the dust only settles on a different place within the house. Use a good vacuum cleaner that can draw much of the dirt out of your flooring and interior furnishings without spreading it around.

Take better care of your pets

You may love them, but your fluffy or feathery animal companions can produce a lot of hair or feathers in your home. Groom your pets on a regular basis to help keep dander and hair from mounting up. This will reduce the amount of airborne allergenic substances that may circulate in your indoor environment.

Keeping down the amount of dust in your home will improve air quality, but it will also help increase the efficiency and extend the life of your air conditioning equipment. 

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