How to Reduce Noise Pollution From a Commercial HVAC System

A commercial heating cooling and ventilation system switches on and off throughout the day depending on the needs of the building. As this happens, most units tend to generate a lot of noise that can quickly become a nuisance. Workers who need a quiet environment to perform efficiently may be adversely affected by the noise pollution. However, since switching off the AC on a hot afternoon is not an option, you have to find ways to minimise the noise and create a comfortable and conducive environment for the building users. Below are some of the measures that you can take to prevent noise from the HVAC system.

Upgrade the unit

Most buildings that deal with noise pollution from HVAC systems are those that have had the units for decades. So if the HVAC system in your building was installed in the 90s when the building was constructed, there is a chance that the unit is quite noisy. After decades of use, the HVAC system may have components that are already wearing out and increasing the noise. Upgrade your HVAC system to one of the latest models that have quiet operations. You can conveniently cool, heat and ventilate your building without dealing with noise throughout the day. What's more, the modern units are more energy efficient, so they can significantly reduce the heating and cooling costs in the building.

Soundproof your ductwork

HVAC ductwork can contribute to increasing levels of noise that will affect the performance of the employees. Unfortunately, the ducts are in every room in the building, as they act as the pathways for conditioned or heated air. Since changing their placement can be an expensive project, you can consider soundproofing them to create an effective sound barrier. Various soundproofing materials such as acoustic fibreglass and acoustic foam are excellent solutions for your HVAC ductwork. These materials absorb the noise from your ducts and create a quiet working environment for building users.

Clean ducts and filters regularly

In some instance, the cause of the noise from your commercial HVAC system is dirty ductwork and filters. Over time, dirt, debris and other contaminants accumulate in the HVAC ducts and filters. As a result, it becomes hard for the equipment to move heated or conditioned air through the ducts. This causes the system to become noisy. What's more, it causes pressure on critical components of the unit, and this can lead to overheating or malfunction. Schedule regular cleaning of the HVAC ducts, filters and other parts to improve the performance of the system and reduce noise.

Contact an HVAC contractor for regular cleanings, tune-ups, and repairs of your commercial air conditioning system.

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