3 Reasons Why Pregnant Moms Should Take Air Conditioning Maintenance Seriously

It goes without saying that air conditioning maintenance is always an important priority for your home. However, a functioning air conditioner is even more important when you're pregnant. Good air quality helps pregnant women and their baby to remain healthy.

If your AC is not functioning properly, your home can be filled with hot, humid air and a host of allergens. Here are 3 reasons why a functional air conditioner will help you remain healthy while pregnant.

1. Clean air in the home prevents allergies

Even in the comfort of your home, allergens such as pollen, mould spores and dust are lurking in the shadows. Allergies can affect your health and that of your unborn baby. Therefore, you need an air conditioning system that channels cool and clean air into the home on a regular basis.

By having proper air circulation in the home, you can effectively minimise the presence of allergens and have clean air to breathe. This is especially important as you move further into your pregnancy and you have to spend more time in the home.

2. Clean air keeps you fresh and active

If you get enough fresh air and rest while at home, you'll be able to remain active and healthy during pregnancy. It's often recommended that pregnant women should do light exercises (such as walking) on a regular basis. Light exercises minimise excessive weight gain and any swelling of the feet/ankles. Being active also results in a healthy baby when it's finally born.

By ensuring a constant supply of fresh air in the home, you will be well rested and ready to be active the next day.

3. The comfort of air conditioning allow you to rest and relax

Can you imagine having to sleep in a hot and humid home while pregnant? Many pregnant moms who can't get enough sleep attribute it to being uncomfortable while at home. Hot and humid air will certainly make you feel stuffy, and you may even have difficulty breathing. In addition, not getting enough sleep can affect the health of your baby when it's finally born.

If your AC unit is not providing enough cool air to keep you comfortable, don't hesitate to have it serviced. Your ducts and vents may be blocked and thus inhibiting the smooth flow of air. Your compressor may also require servicing so it can produce enough cool air to meet the demands of your home.

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