The Key Benefits of Using Evaporative Cooling in Your Home

Living in a hot environment can often feel uncomfortable, but only when you don't find a reliable way to cool the temperatures indoors. Although people tend to depend on traditional AC units, many are now turning to evaporative cooling as an eco-friendly alternative. Learning more about its benefits can help you decide whether it's right for your property.

You may reduce your energy bills

According to National Geographic, evaporative cooling can reduce your air conditioning bills by up to 80-percent. While this figure is attractive, it does depend on how dry the environment around your home is. This type of air conditioning draws air from the outside and passes it over cooling mechanisms to bring the temperature down. If you live in a humid environment, you're unlikely to see the same cost-saving benefits. However, if your locale is reasonably dry, it's an excellent way to save money while staying cool.

Evaporative cooling is less harmful to the environment

As evaporative coolers don't depend on the use of refrigerants, they're less harmful to the environment. Some refrigerants emit carbon dioxide, which then negatively affects the ozone layer. In contrast, evaporative systems use entirely natural air extraction methods. Although they'll use energy in the form of electricity, its effects on local ecosystems aren't as powerful as those that come from traditional units. 

You may benefit from airflow that's less dry

Although evaporative systems depend on an externally dry environment to operate properly, they will make the air less dry inside your home. They achieve this by passing the warm air from the outside over cool water inside the unit. As the air passes through, it picks up some of the water molecules, which then make your home's air slightly more humid - without feeling warm. If dry air usually aggravates skin conditions or leaves you feeling dehydrated, you may find that life becomes more comfortable inside your property as a result.

The setup is less intrusive

Depending on the type of system you need, you may find that the setup is less intrusive than when you use a traditional AC unit. Many require minimal window mounting only, which then translates to lower installation costs. However, they also require more regular maintenance than a normal unit, which is worth considering if long-term costs are an ongoing factor for you.

If you feel as though this type of cooling is perfect for your home, discuss your options with a HVAC professional.

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