Why It Is Critical To Change the Filter of Your Residential Air Conditioning Unit

While your residential air conditioning system will facilitate comfortable temperatures indoors, the system does need routine maintenance for it to stay up and running. And one maintenance measure that some people overlook is changing the filter. If you have never thought about this component, here are some reasons why it is critical to replace the filter of your residential air conditioning unit routinely.

Minimise the allergens in your home

Although your air conditioning system is tasked with keeping your home at your desired temperature, it can end up being a source of discomfort for you. If you are not having the filter replaced on an occasional basis, pollutants begin to accumulate inside the unit. As a result, when the air conditioning system is circulating air in your home, the dirty filter is transferring these contaminants to your home. Polluted air in your home will lead to the occurrence of respiratory problems. Furthermore, if you or your loved ones already have asthma, allergies or other respiratory problem, the contaminated filter will aggravate the symptoms. Take note that homeowner with pets should change their filters more regularly than those who do not have animals in their home since pet dander will accumulate in the filter over time.

Bolster the efficiency of the HVAC system

As long as you have your air conditioning on, air will be directed through the filter into the ductwork and the vents. Therefore, the state of the filter will have a direct influence on the efficiency of your HVAC system. The more dirt that has collected on the filter, the harder the air conditioning system has to work to pump air through it. Over time, you will notice your electricity bills spiking since your HVAC system is consuming more power as it overworks itself. Considering how the general cost of electricity keeps rising, it is judicious to ensure that your filter is not causing your AC to become less efficient.

Restore the longevity of the air conditioning system

Air conditioning systems, just like all other appliances, are bound to succumb to disrepair as the years go by. Thus, they usually have varying life expectancies, depending on the model and brand you purchase. If you are not taking good care of your HVAC system, this lifespan can be cut short substantially. The more the system is overworking due to a clogged filter, the higher the wear on the internal components. With time, you will find you are engaging in excessive repairs that will eventually lead to the need for a replacement unit.

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