4 Questions To Ask Your AC Installation Technician

Choosing a qualified and experienced contractor for your air conditioning installation is one way to guarantee that your unit will perform efficiently, and for a long time at that. A professional air installation technician will also readily answer any questions that you may have.

Some of the questions that you may want to ask the technician before they leave include the following.

Will Someone Come Around To Check On The Unit?

Some air conditioning installation companies may send over someone a little while after the installation just to check on how the unit is performing. Other companies do not.

It will no doubt give you a lot of confidence to hear from an expert that your system is performing as it should. Enquire from the technician if they do these routine calls, and how long after the installation you can expect it.

What Can You Do To Maintain The System?

Regular maintenance is a must for the peak performance and longevity of your system. While you may still need to call the air conditioning installation and maintenance company every now and then for system maintenance, there are maintenance tasks that you can handle yourself.

Ask about preventive maintenance tasks to avoid having to spend on avoidable repairs. Some of the recommendations you can expect include cleaning the outer unit and changing the filters. The technician can always guide you on how to go about these and other tasks.

What Can You Do To Reduce Your AC Bill?

Air conditioning installation experts will have more than a couple of tips to help you keep those energy bills in check even during the hottest of summers.

Be it setting your thermostat just right, turning off the unit during certain times, covering up your windows, or installing a ceiling fan, the technician can give you more insights.

What Signs Of Trouble Should You Be On The Lookout For?

It's always a great help to know when to call for help. You are not likely to miss a lack of cool air from your system, but there are definitely other signs of your system going out that you may ignore because of lack of information. Ask about those signs, however subtle, that may point to your system requiring repairs.

As the air conditioning installation crew is going about their work, it will serve you well to grab that opportunity to ask these and other questions.

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