Modern Heating and Cooling Technologies: Are Smart Thermostats Worth It?

If you're buying a new central heating and cooling system, you may have encountered units with modern technologies such as thermostats. These are more expensive than traditional units with manual thermostats. Smart thermostats, like many home automation technologies, are designed to improve convenience, enhance the functionality of the unit and promote savings. But are they worth it? Should you consider getting a smart thermostat for your home heating and cooling system? Here are four benefits you should be aware of!

Automated Preferences

How great would it be to have an HVAC system that knows your heating and cooling preferences? Smart thermostats have algorithms that learn your preferences and automatically adjust the temperatures to your desired settings. For example, if you always set your AC at a specific temperature all the time, the thermostat automatically learns to set the desired temperatures without your intervention. It also adjusts to your new schedule, for example, if you start to come home thirty minutes before the usual time.

Real-Time Reporting

One great benefit of smart thermostats is their ability to provide real-time and historical data regarding heating and cooling. You can access data on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual energy consumption. You get to see how long the unit is on each day. With this data, you're able to estimate your energy costs accurately. What's more, a significant variation in the data will point to a fault in the system or a change in heating and cooling habits. With this information, you can repair your unit on time or control energy consumption patterns to keep costs low.

Geofencing Capabilities

Smart thermostats allow you to preset temperatures for when you're home, when you leave the house and when you come back. By connecting your phone to the thermostat, you can enjoy remote sensing and geofencing capabilities as well. In this case, the thermostat has sensors which can detect how close your phone is to the home. Therefore, when you leave the house, the sensors detect the distance and automatically adjust the temperatures. Similarly, when you come home or take sick leave, the sensors note this and change the settings to suit your preferred indoor temperatures.

Humidity Detection Capabilities

If your HVAC unit has a humidifier and dehumidifier, you're probably forced to adjust them manually depending on the environmental changes. However, with smart thermostats, you can enjoy the power of automation. The units have sensors that detect changes in the environment. For example, during a hot and humid summer day, the thermostat will readjust the system to remove excess moisture and improve indoor air quality. Similarly, it can turn it off and turn on the humidifier when the air is dry in the winter.

Smart thermostats are a worthy addition in every home. They improve the automation capabilities of your HVAC system and promote indoor comfort. Talk to an HVAC expert for smart thermostat installation and programming services.

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