Factors to Take into Account When Determining the Right Air Conditioning Capacity

When the time comes to replace your current air conditioning system, you could be thinking that the right unit for your needs is one that fits within your budget. But this is not always the correct way to go about investing in this appliance. Certainly, air conditioning installation is not cheap. Nonetheless, choosing the wrong unit will not help with cost savings. If anything, it will inflate your expenses for the duration that you own that system.

A better guiding factor to prioritise is the size of the unit. Contrary to popular belief, a big unit does not automatically translate into more efficient functioning. Instead, there are unique specifications that you need to know when narrowing down the options available to you. To save you from purchasing the wrong system, here is a brief list of factors to take into account when determining the right air conditioning capacity.

How big are the rooms in your home?

Undoubtedly, one of the foremost aspects that will guide your choice of air conditioning capacity when having this appliance installed in your home is the size of the rooms that it is going to cool. A mistake many homeowners make is exclusively taking the square footage of the space into account but this does not easily give you a clear idea of the volume of the space.

Instead, measure the length of the room, its width, and the height of the ceilings. The reason why the ceilings need to be taken into account is that the higher they are, the bigger the volume of the space and, consequently, the larger the capacity required from your new air conditioning system.

Where is your residence located?

Although Australia is known for its tropical, and sometimes sweltering hot, climatic conditions, a typical misassumption that some individuals have is that the weather conditions are similar throughout the country. However, depending on where you live, you may find that your summer months are either unbearably hot or, on the other opposite side of the spectrum, surprisingly cool. Hence, your choice of air conditioning system must reflect this. The hotter the climatic conditions in your area, the more power the AC system will need to cool your residence, even during the hottest summer days. On the other hand, if your location experienced moderate temperatures during the summer, you will find a less powerful unit more suited to your needs.

Other factors to take into account when determining the right air conditioning capacity for your home include whether you have insulated the ceiling of the residence or not and even the orientation of your home. For more information, contact an air conditioning installation company. 

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