3 Tips for Installing the Right Air Conditioning Unit in Your Restaurant

A reliable air conditioning unit can increase comfort levels for both your workers and customers. Using air conditioning in the kitchen improves the morale of your employees and increases their productivity. Similarly, well-conditioned dining spaces boost comfort during hot summers. Therefore, as you consider investing in a commercial AC unit for your restaurant, here are three tips to consider.

Buy the right AC size for the restaurant

Air conditioners come in various sizes. The following factors should determine the right unit size for your restaurant. 

  • Size of your eatery: Bigger spaces require a larger air conditioner for efficient cooling. Therefore, consider the square footage of your restaurant when choosing the ideal cooling capacity for your commercial AC.
  • The capacity of the eatery: Note the capacity of your restaurant during peak hours. If your space accommodates 60 customers, you will need a bigger AC as compared to if your maximum capacity was 40 people. 
  • Ambient temperatures: Commercial kitchens are warmer than the outdoors due to cooking activities. Therefore, you may require a bigger AC to efficiently cool both the kitchen and the dining areas.

Note that uninsulated buildings may have a high cooling demand due to air loss and heat gain. Therefore, conduct a comprehensive energy audit to determine your eatery's energy efficiency and cooling demand. 

Check the condition of the ductwork

If your building has existing HVAC ductwork, you need to check its condition before investing in a new unit. Old ductwork may have certain inefficiencies that may undermine the performance of your new air conditioner. These include:

  • Old or worn ducts: Old or worn ducts may leak conditioned air to the outdoors and increase your AC's cooling load. The unit will overwork as it tries to cool the eatery, which may cause premature wear and tear.
  • Incorrectly sized ductwork: If the air ducts in the building are too small, they may cause static pressure and shorten the unit's lifespan. If they are too big, the airflow will be weak, which may cause hot spots and uneven cooling.

Inspect the existing ductwork to ensure that it is properly sized for your new air conditioner. If the building has old or worn ducts, you can replace them or invest in a ductless split air conditioner.

Invest in air conditioning zoning

Modern air conditioners come with zoning features that allow you to control airflow in the different rooms. You can zone the reception area, kitchen and storage room, dining areas, bar and restrooms. Since these spaces may have varying air conditioning needs, zoning allows you to set comfortable temperatures in the rooms. Your contractor can help you design practical cooling zones for the entire space.

Consider these tips when installing an air conditioning unit in your restaurant. For professional aircon installation services, contact an AC contractor.

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