Is Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning the Ultimate Choice? 3 Reasons Why

Achieving unequalled performance and complete control with your heating and cooling can be a dream come true. That said, purchasing the best system to meet such needs is a dilemma facing many home and business owners alike. Perhaps you are renovating your current home, developing a new property, or building your dream house. You want nothing but the best AC system in the market to meet lifestyle demands year-round. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is the ultimate choice in heating and cooling your property.

But before you commit to an installation, consider these key points to see why this heating and cooling system can be music to your ears. 

1. The Cost 

When considering different types of HVAC solutions, the cost is one of the most important factors. That said, no matter what system you install, a heating and cooling system will inevitably increase your energy bills either way. While ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is attached to a high upfront cost, it can see efficiency improvements, fewer breakdowns, reduced maintenance and servicing. Also, you only pay once to have a system that performs both cooling and heating with the switch of a button. Overall, this simple function is efficient, beneficial, and affordable. 

2. Superior Air Quality 

Keeping your home warm or cool helps keep you healthy, comfortable, and strong year-round. Nothing does it better than a reverse cycle air conditioner when it comes to a higher quality of air indoors. Not only do you achieve heating and cooling with the same system, but you can also reverse functionality to either cool or warm a room at different times of the day, depending on climatic conditions. You are also less likely to have cold or hot spots, allowing you to have a comfortable environment throughout the entire property. 

3. Works Great with Alternative Energy Systems 

Does your property use a solar energy system? Where the budget allows, whole house or commercial premises ducted air conditioning is the way to go when solar panels are installed. A major feature of ducted reverse cycling air conditioners is that a large range of systems are available and are compatible with solar energy for clean, sustainable, and super-cheap heating and cooling. 

If you are in the market for the ultimate cooling and heating solution, contact local air conditioning services. They can evaluate what's suitable for your property, especially when it comes to size and design.

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