What Can Cause Your Air Conditioner to Fail Unexpectedly?

Air conditioning systems are a boon to many Australian families, expelling excess heat and humidity from homes and transferring it outside to keep the indoor living environment cool, comfortable and healthy for building occupants.

Unfortunately, air conditioners can break down in times of need. Understanding why this may happen is essential for knowing what steps you can take to keep your air conditioning system running reliably.

Continue reading to discover the various reasons why air conditioners may fail.

Soaring temperatures 

Your air conditioner is essentially a heat transfer system that uses a working fluid — called refrigerant — to draw heat from the air inside your home for dissipation outside.

That said, the outside temperature will affect the performance of your air conditioner. When there is a huge difference between the inside and outside temperatures, it is harder for the indoor climate to become cooler than the outdoors. As a result, your AC system will be forced to run harder and longer for your home to stay cool and comfortable.

The added stress put on the whole unit can cause parts to malfunction unexpectedly.

Excess humidity

Your air conditioner keeps your house cool and comfortable by removing both heat and humidity from the interior environment.

On very humid months of the year, the unit will have to work extra hard to achieve comfortable indoor temperatures. Poor ventilation can also cause the humidity levels within your house to increase, overworking your air conditioning unit. The added stress on the unit will cause it to break down.

Poor airflow

Uninhibited airflow is essential for your air conditioner to work smoothly and efficiently. That said, various factors can cause it to experience weak or poor airflow, increasing the chance of a breakdown. These include:

  • Clogged air filters
  • Dirty air ducts
  • Blocked air supply vents

Replacing dirty air filters regularly and keeping your AC unit's air delivery components clean and unobstructed will ensure proper airflow within your air conditioning system and throughout the house.

Dirt accumulation

The dirt and debris that build up on the inside and outside units of your air conditioner can slow the equipment down, causing it to run harder than usual to deliver the desired cooling performance.

In addition to regular air filter changes and duct cleanings, it's advisable to perform general cleaning of your AC equipment from time to time.

General wear 

Your AC system comprises many components that undergo wear and tear as a result of normal use.  If these components aren't removed and replaced in a timely fashion, they may stop working and subsequently cause your cooling system to break down.

Never hesitate to call an HVAC contractor if your air conditioner breaks down when in use. They'll carry out accurate diagnostics and perform the necessary repairs.

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